Current Executive Officers and Representatives

For the 2021-2022 Academic Year:

Executive Officers

President: Cate Alexander

Vice President: Réka Patrícia Gál

Treasurer: Nelanthi Hewa

Secretary: Ellen Forget

Student Union Representatives

CUPE representative: Alex Ross and Cate Alexander

Graduate Student Union (GSU) representative: Mariam Karim

DSA Committees

Social Committee representatives:  Monica Henderson and Cate Alexander

Space Allocation Committee representatives: Julian Posada, Paula de Villavicencio, Katherine Mackinnon

Technology Fund Committee representatives: Brian Sutherland and Arun Jacob

Indigenous Solidarity Working Group: Camille-Mary Sharp, Haley Bryant, Bradley Clements, Mariam Karim, Cate Alexander, and Natalia Toronchuk

Research Days Organizing Committee: Yuxing Zhang, Ellen Forget

Faculty Council and Committees

Executive Committee of Faculty Council representative: Cate Alexander

PhD Recruitment and Admissions Committee representative: Megan Hull

Programs Committee representative:  Ellen Forget and Adrian Petterson

Academic Appeals Committee representative: Julia Park, Haley Bryant, and Megan Hull

Awards Committee representative: Bradley Clements

Truth and Reconciliation Working Group: Bradley Clements