Current Executive Officers and Representatives

For the 2019-2020 Academic Year:

Executive Officers

President: Alexander Ross

Vice President: Christine Tran

Treasurer: Lee Wilkins

Secretary: Paula de Villavicencio

Student Union Representatives

CUPE representative: Haley Bryant, Brendan Smith

Graduate Student Union (GSU) representative: Zachary Batist, Madison Trusolino

DSA Committees

Social Committee representatives:  Zachary Batist, Madison Trusolino

Space Allocation Committee representatives: Julian Posada, Paula de Villavicencio, Katherine Mackinnon

Technology Fund Committee representatives: Arun Jacob, Lee Wilkins, Haley Bryant, Brian Sutherland

Indigenous Solidarity Working Group: Jamila Ghaddar, Rebecca Noone, Camille Mary-Sharp. Haley Bryant, Bradley Clement

Research Days Organizing Committee: Henria Aton, Jaisie Sin, Cansu Dedeoglu, Aditi Bhatia

Faculty Council and Committees

Executive Committee of Faculty Council representative: Alexander Ross

PhD Recruitment and Admissions Committee representative: Jasie Sin

Committee on Standing representative: Megan Hull

Programs Committee representative:  Natalia Toronchuk, Monica Henderson

Academic Appeals Committee representative: Katie MacKinnon

Awards Committee representative: Jamila Ghadar

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